How Many Games The Cincinnati Bengals Are Winning In 2017?

CINCINNATI, OH – AUGUST 19: Vontaze Burfict #55 of the Cincinnati Bengals tackles Anthony Sherman #42 of the Kansas City Chiefs during the preseason game at Paul Brown Stadium on August 19, 2017 in Cincinnati, Ohio. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

You been hearing it. Since the draft, I’ve been saying that 2017 Cincinnati Bengals season is going to suck and I’m not going to be emotionally invested in them anymore because it’s a big waste of time.

So the NFL season kicked off on Thursday night as the defending Super Bowl Champions New England Patriots host the Kansas City Chiefs. The Patriots lost to the Chiefs, 42-27

We are going to ask our twitter Bengals friends and some of them won’t be our friends after this blog. How many games this team is going to win this season? I remind you, Marvin Lewis and Mike Brown are still there.

They are playing the Baltimore Ravens right now at PBS. First home opener in awhile. Who cares? They will either win or lose it, doesn’t matter to me.

I said 3 wins, shoot me, I don’t care, I stand by it.

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