True Story: March Madness Is Coming To Cincinnati In 2022!

Hold onto your pants everyone. The City of Cincinnati will be hosting the first and second rounds of the NCAA Tournament in 2022. Apparently the NCAA is fine with playing in a dungeon so US Bank Arena will host the tournament. Either way, it’s huge news that the tournament is finally, finally coming to Cincinnati. We never thought it would happen. We all pointed and laughed at how big of a dump USBA is. Now they get the last laugh.

Can The Bearcats Play There?

You bet your sweet ass the Bearcats could potentially play their first and second round games at home. While USBA is way closer to UC than most arenas to schools it happens every year where schools play close to home. Kansas playing in Kansas City, Duke or UNC playing in Greensboro, Kentucky playing in Louisville. As long as the arena hosting the tournament isn’t that schools home arena then it is fine.

Those guys know what they’re talking about.

What Does This Mean For US Bank Arena?

This arena is a dump. We’ve chronicled it before on this blog. There is nothing of any redeeming value in this arena. The concourse is cramped and awful, the seats are older than your first car in high school, the dust on the upper seats is thicker than the bible. The arena itself is one of the ugliest things you’ve ever laid your eyes on. No one has any fond memories of the place, it’s not beloved like the Nassau Coliseum. The only thing people remember are the poor concert goers that died for The Who concert.

Oh god the horrors of that arena. The facade, the colors, the architecture, the concrete. A fresh coat of paint won’t fix that. My neighbor just painted his house pale yellow which is a crazy move but dammit it doesn’t look bad. Painting this barn won’t fix a thing though. It’s all so bad and yet the inside is even worse. Don’t believe me? Look at this picture from the WWE event last weekend.

The interior of this place is just as bad. Everything about that picture screams second rate. So is the NCAA really going to play here? Apparently so but there could be something up their sleeve.

USBA has talked for a few years about renovating the arena. Essentially tearing it down and building a beautiful state of the art arena that would look amazing. Of course when UC decided to build their own arena on campus again USBA tabled those discussions. Now though with the NCAA coming the arena could attempt to get the city to help pay for a renovation.

Who Knows, Who Cares

End of the day it doesn’t matter because renovation or not the tournament is coming to Cincinnati. The University of Cincinnati will be the host of the games played here. Further cementing the fact that the Bearcats will always be the school of this city. Unless of course the arena is left in its current dire status then Xavier can host.

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