Marvin Lewis Blows ANOTHER Game, Why Do Bengals Fans Still Care?

Monday night was the most textbook Bengals loss in Marvin Lewis’ lifetime tenure in Cincinnati. A 23-20 loss that saw the Bengals score 17 points in the first half and only 3 in the second half was just another loss. Before halftime and when the Bengals were up 17 we tweeted out the Bengals would lose.

They did.

Halftime and second half adjustments are foreign to Marvin Lewis. He is incapable of doing the smallest things to make the team better in the second half. Monday night was just another loss in the long long list of Marvin disappointments. Surely it wasn’t his fault, he’ll blame the players, the refs, the Steelers, anyone that isn’t Marvin Lewis.

Beating the Steelers isn’t rocket science. The god damn Chicago Bears did it this year. There is no reason Andy Dalton with that offense shouldn’t be able to do it. The defense played lights out in the first half and yet the defensive genius Marvin Lewis couldn’t help them do anything in the second half. It’s almost a weekly occurrence now. Marvin getting out coached and failing to change up the strategy. Pathetic.

Why Do Bengals Fans Still Care?

Enough of this boring old man. It’s actually not even worth getting riled up for anymore. As a non-Bengals fan looking at this franchise from the outside its amazing people still pay money to attend games. What are you people doing? Marvin doesn’t care, he isn’t doing anything different and he won’t change. Stop supporting this team.

Mike Brown is a shit owner who doesn’t care about what is best for the team. He’s only worried about saving money and stealing from the taxpayers again. He won’t fire Marvin, he won’t do anything to improve this team. With an offensive line worthy of being in the NFL the Bengals could easily be a contender, if they had a new head coach.

If you’re a Bengals fan you have to give up. Stop attending games, stop buying merchandise, just sit back and watch other football games on Sunday. It’s honestly not worth your time. When 2026 rolls around Brown will ask for a new stadium and the city will say no. At that point, they’ll move and take Marvin’s ventilator body with them and prop him up on the sideline in San Antonio or whatever other shitty town they move to.

Quit the Bengals.

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