Mick Cronin Calls NBA’s “One & Done” Policy Racist

CBS Sports– Cincinnati coach Mick Cronin doesn’t like the current system.  

“It hints at racism,” Cronin wrote in a text to CBS Sports. “Basketball players are black. Baseball predominantly white. Just how I see it. Why can one group be trusted to make decisions and the other is being regulated? No matter what the rules, people will make mistakes. That has been proven for both sports.”  

Mick Cronin said what a lot of people had already thought for awhile. It isn’t until someone in a position of prominence says it does it become a thing. “Oh he is right.” Of course he’s right and it absolutely needs to change. The NBA needs to get rid of their “One and done” rule, it won’t change the game that much.

If that rule is rescinded we’ll see a handful of guys each year go straight to the draft from high school and that’s fine. The guys that need to develop are still going to go to college. The superstars are going to go to the draft. College basketball survived before the one and done rule and they’ll survive after.

College basketball only wants the rule to stay in place so they can exploit these kids for millions of dollars. That’s the NCAA way after all.

Mick Is Right

It is racist to essentially say black kids can’t handle a large contract at 17 or 18 but the Reds can pay 17 year old Hunter Greene $7.2M and that’s totally fine. Meanwhile a basketball player has to be 19 in order to get drafted essentially. Because that year really matures them. Nope, all about exploiting them. If college baseball was on the same level as college basketball you’d bet there would be a one and done rule there too. College baseball would be absolutely insane if that happened.

Kids are inherently dumb but like anywhere else the cream rises to the top. It’s up to them to decide what to do with the money. If they want to blow all of their money and end up on a 30 for 30 doc that’s up to them. Plenty of players make the right decisions though. Both sports have players that blow through everything. You should be allowed to earn a living wage for your talents if you graduate high school in any sport.

Mick is going to catch some hate for this because people are naturally dumb. As soon as people see the word racism they either agree or got the other way and call that person a racist for even suggesting something might be racist. Social justice warriors will either go at Mick or they’ll go at the NBA. Mick is very much in favor of a laissez-faire approach to this and everyone should get behind that.

Easy for Bearcats fans to say because our players will be here 3/4 years regardless just based on the way he recruits. If you’re Kentucky or Duke you absolutely hate this idea. Kentucky fans should embrace it though, one and done has worked out for them exactly one time.

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  1. So making whitey stay until after their 3rd yr in college is what then? And the NFL same w no hs come out. It’s bc NBA minor league sucks & 18 yr olds would die in NFL. So basically bc of development issues.. and how many baseball players have degrees?

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