Mick Cronin Don’t Give A Damn What You Think Of His Team

Cincinnati Bearcats head coach Mick Cronin was triggered by the wack local media of this city on Sunday after the team’s Senior Day victory over the Tulsa Golden Hurricanes who they give up 74 points to and allowed them to hit 14 three-pointers in the process.

Here’s what happened at the presser:

The reporter or media member or whatever his title asked him why UC’s defense has struggled the last couple of games going 2-2 in the process because here at Cincinnati it’s all about defense and we know that.

He mentioned that UK, IU, and Louisville have combined for 32 losses this season. His team is 25-4 and about to be in the top 10 this afternoon.

When he took over this program that was hanging on by a thread, UC was losing a lot because they had very little and had more than 32 L’s in that process but look at this team right now.

“People better be happy with what’s going on in Cincinnati,” Cronin said. And we are because we know the position they were in his first season. But those damn Huggins fans that still live in the past will say “Blah, blah, blah, still can’t make a run in the tournament.” “He has reached the Sweet 16 once, and that’s it.” “One and done” blah, blah, blah. Those fans don’t realize that Huggins had good teams but they got bounced out early in the tournament but we don’t care about cause he’s a God to this program, and he is a legend but my goodness you selfish pricks.

Do you think he took a shot at those three teams have mentioned in the video below? Um, in a sense. Yeah, do I like it? You bet to do.

Be grateful for what he’s done. Mick don’t give a damn what you perceive what he said at the presser.

Don’t we all want a March run? Yes. Aren’t we tired of the early exits? Yes, but it could be worse. We could be Arizona and all other teams that are on the FBI list for college basketball.

Cronin has done it the right way and has done with no first-round NBA draft players. Do like it? Kick rocks.

And Matt Jones from Kentucky sports radio or whatever it is, out of here with that garbage article that I didn’t click because we know its only for bait and views you goon.

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