Mike Brown Says No Ring Of Honor Because He Hates History & That Cost Money

It’s Thursday and Mike Brown still hates Bengals fans. The club announced their 50th season logo today and talked about their first half century in the Queen City. Nothing memorable came out of the presser. Even the new logo was oddly oversized and in typical Bengals fashion pretty bad. It’s what Mike Brown said before and after the presser that is the real story.

Before the presser the club sent out a letter from Mike Brown to the fans that we’ll break down in another blog. After the presser he was asked if the Bengals would start a Hall of Fame to which he responded “not right now” because he’s a selfish asshole. Also because it would cost money and Mike Brown flies Frontier like a broke college student. No way he spends money on putting names up in the stadium.

There Will Never Be A Bengals HoF

Not only will there never be a Bengals Hall of Fame like the Reds have. There will never even be a ring of honor for Bengals greats of the past like UC has inside Nippert. Even hanging some letters in the stadium is too much money for Mike Brown.

When Mike Brown finally steps aside or passes away nothing with this franchise is going to change. It’ll be the same terrible run Major League-esque style franchise minus the whole winning part. Mike’s daughter Katie Blackburn will likely continue her father’s penny pinching ways. She’s the VP of Football Operations and most player decisions come from her, no way she changes the way her father did business. Her husband Troy Blackburn is the VP of Business Development for the Bengals said last week the club believes the name Paul Brown Stadium means more to fans than if they sold the naming rights. What a fool.

Just another day in the life of a Bengals fan. A perpetual reminder that the next 50 years will be filled with utter disappointment and despair.



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