Monthly Reminder Chris Mack Has No Control Of His Xavier Team

Just here to drop by and remind everyone that Chris Mack has no control over his Xavier basketball team. From Cincinnati to New York, the Musketeers continue to act like petulant children and run their mouths with no consequences.

Thursday afternoon inside Madison Square Garden it was Kaiser Gates who started a handshake line scuffle. Watch as #22 says something and then walks away like a little bitch while his team gets involved in a shoving and shouting match. Unlike his cousin Yancy Gates, Kaiser wasn’t cut from the same cloth. Whatever the comment was and the smirk after deserves a Kenny Frease like ending. Say it during the game, don’t wait until you can walk away and hide in the locker room.

There seems to be a common denominator in all of these scuffles with Xavier, and that’s Xavier. Chris Mack has no control of his kids, he’s riding a runaway hoping Sandra Bullock is there to make sure it doesn’t blow up. Mack’s kids are out of control and at some point, there is going to be a brawl. You can only talk shit for so long before something happens. Shout out to O’Mara for trying harder than Chris Mack to get everyone under control.

Of course, there are two sides to every story and like anything involving his players, and Lance Stephenson said something to him a decade ago. Mack once again managed to pass the blame onto someone else.

Mack pushes the blame off on St. John’s because their kids were talking. Bro, what the fuck does he think his team does? Xavier tries to talk all game and then denies it like a little brother when the game is over making the other guys look like the aggressors. Literally every Catholic school sports team ever. That’s a Chris Mack team though, no consequences for their actions.

In the FS1 post-game interview Mack also called out FS1 analysts for saying his team was prepared and couldn’t execute. Mack thinking is team doesn’t make mistakes, plays defense and can execute is kind of funny. The Musketeers don’t play defense, their game is sloppy and they beat a St. John’s team who had about 9 hours of rest from the night before. If you’re going to throw shade Mack, look at the sideline reporter don’t be a little beta boy and look away from everything.

Xavier plays Providence at 6:30 pm tonight on FS1.

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