Nashville Doesn’t Understand The Storm That Is Coming This Weekend With Cincinnati Bearcats & Xavier Fans

For years everyone in Cincinnati knows the UC/Xavier rivalry is the most intense in the country. This weekend Nashville gets to experience the hatred between the two fanbases.

Except the two teams aren’t even playing one another.

The Cincinnati Bearcats have the #2 seed in the South Region playing in Nashville on Friday at 2 pm. The Musketeers are the #1 seed playing from the West Region playing in Nashville Friday night. St. Patrick’s Day is Saturday, the off day for both teams assuming they advance to the second round on Sunday. This is terrible news for Nashville, Broadway Street and anyone just trying to have a nice time.

Nashville is just a nice Southern city with barbecue, country music, unironic wear of cowboy boots and overpriced rent. It seems like a great place to spend a weekend. At this point, the record scratches and the narrator cuts to a clip of soccer hooligans tossing trash cans at one another, as some woman holds an umbrella likes that’s going to protect her from a trash can, meanwhile a fat white guy gets cut with a beer bottle. That’s about to be Cincinnati and Xavier fans this weekend.

Friday night will be interesting. If Bearcats fans sit around for the Texas/Nevada game we will be exiting the arena as Xavier fans are entering. Like European soccer, the police should segregate the two fan bases but that won’t happen and words will be exchanged in the crossover. What happens Friday night and Saturday at the bars is where the real fun will happen.

Saturday is St. Patrick’s Day in a city made of nothing but bars and restaurants with a street made solely for partying sets up for an eventful weekend. First, you have Cincinnati fans who can drink with the best of them. Then you have Xavier fans, just good wholesome Catholics who tend to over drink in the name of the Lord. Two fan bases that despise one another more than any other fan bases in the country, drunk on a quarter mile stretch of road. Fucking fantastic set up for a massive street brawl.

Everyone outside of Cincinnati fails to understand the rivalry between these two fan bases. There are legitimate people out there, Shannon Russell, who think the two will cheer for one another this weekend. To quote Joey Votto, “are you crazy?” Not a chance either fan base cheers for one another. Both teams will be booed taking the floor if other fans are in there. It’s such a weird situation to not be playing one another but still be in the same arena. This weekend is about to be full of some of the most vulgar things the nice ears of Nashville will ever hear. Extreme pettiness between the two bases, I’m talking not holding doors, failing to let people into traffic and not giving way on the sidewalk. I’ll shut the elevator door if someone with an X is rushing to get on.

Imagine if Israel and Palestine played each other in the World Cup, sure one would have to be a country first and we’ll take out the car bombs (literal car bombs like in a Corolla). Take all that out and just focus on the pure hatred of that geopolitical rivalry, that’s what Nashville gets to experience this weekend. They’re getting an MLS team, might as well give the cops a trial run at crowd control of hooligans.

Crosstown goes south, Cincinnati and Xavier won’t face each other but there is a chance to do just that in the Final Four. Hello San Antonio, that river walk better get ready.

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