NCAA Selection Committee Mock Bracket Gives UC A 2 Seed in South Region

The NCAA Selection committee revealed their top 16 teams for each region on Sunday.

They put UC in the South Region in Atlanta, and I have no problem with this at all. Virgina was the overall number seed in their mock bracket. Michigan State as a three seed is ridiculous because they should replace Kansas. Tennesse as a four seed in UC’s bracket. Now, how is UC the fourth overall number two seed? The two teams that are ahead of them are the famous blueblood teams in college basketball in Kansas and Duke. Both of those teams took L’s this past week but its life in the American. The Bearcats can win out and still get disrespect. It’s all good its life of Cincy vs. Everyone, the reason why this blog is named.

Just keep winning and only hope every team ahead of us takes L’s but even if they do, you know what’s the final result is going to be.

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