A Nederlander Group Rep Went On WLW To Tell Hilarious Jokes About The Future Of US Bank Arena

Someone from the Nederlander Group who owns US Bank Arena went on WLW today to talk about the groups plans for the ancient arena. You can see what their plans are from the above tweets. Their goal is to tear down the existing arena and build the arena we have seen in mockups for the last two years.

This rep must also think the world is flat, Kennedy was really killed by Lee and every stripper really does love you. There is toeing the company line and running with the narrative and then there is flay out lying. This is flat out lying to the people of Cincinnati in my opinion. This 100% will not happen.

Do Not Get Excited

My advice for the good people of this city would be don’t buy this for a minute. The Nederlander Group is leading everyone on right now. This new arena doesn’t get built without public money and there is no way the city or county will be tossing in public money for this.

Cincinnati, the county and the state have major public works needs that rank above the arena. The Brent Spence Bridge is being held together by paint at this point. The Western Hills Viaduct crumbles more every day until we get a Cypress Street Viaduct disaster except ours isn’t caused by an earthquake. You really think we’re going to tear down the arena and build a brand new one?


Nederlander has no desire to pay for this themselves. They placed a bid for the tournament with the hopes of landing the bid. Furthermore they landed this bid by lying to the NCAA that the arena would be a state of the art facility by 2022. They told the NCAA that in hopes to force the city and county to help pay for this. Why wouldn’t Cincinnati want the tournament here? Makes total sense and it would showcase the city.

No one is paying for this arena outside of the Nederlander Group. $250-350M for a new arena and no clear distinction of how it is getting paid for. It’s a disgusting display of business by the Nederlander Group and hopefully the city doesn’t give into this.

We’ve Gone 30 Years Without It

Listen we haven’t the NCAA Tournament here in over 30 years. Who cares if we get it in 2022. Not like the Bearcats will actually get to play here at home. Regardless of where they are ranked they’ll be sent somewhere outside of Cincinnati.

We’ve lived with this disgusting excuse for an arena for decades. No one goes to it as is. Eventually the place will just fall apart. It’ll dissolve back into it’s original elements, fall into the river and be an afterthought of this city. Something that becomes part of a trivia night, viewed as a failure and something that lived too far past it’s time.

It’s Not Happening

Headline says it all. Not excited. Not disappointed. Just a realist when it comes to these shitty owners. At least the drive to Columbus and Lousiville isn’t that bad.

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