No Coach Could Do What Mick Cronin Did Against Wichita State. AAC CHAMPS!

Peel back the layers from Cincinnati Men’s Basketball victory over the Wichita State Shockers. What do you see?

The outer layers show, first and foremost a win. A dominant win over the second-best team in the American and maybe America. This was Wichita State’s Senior Night, half the team is Senior’s, some headed for a home as soon as March is over.

Keep peeling. Future Golden State Warrior Jacob Evans led the team in scoring with 19 points and seven rebounds. Big game Jake pulled a Greg Jennings and put the team on his back with a bum leg. He’s going to be fine because Jacob Evans wasn’t cut from the same cloth as the rest of us.

And more peeling. Kyle Washing remains the most infuriating player the Bearcats have. HOWEVER, he had 11 points and kept the Bearcats in the game even with his terrible defensive play at times. Cane Broome came off the bench again on Sunday. He is such a playmaker on the floor, his speed and elusiveness help the Bearcats immensely.

That’s enough peeling. What you’re left with is No. 10 Cincinnati’s 62-61 victory over Wichita State. 

The roundhouse is a hostile place to play, or so we’re told. Oscar Robertson dropped 50 in that building one time. Cincinnati rolled into the plains on Sunday, took care of business, grabbed the trophy and got the hell out of dodge as outright AAC Champions.

Shoutout to the Shockers crowd and the student section. They don’t seem to understand the rules of basketball but they were loud. UC was not fazed as they silenced the crowd there faster than a minority walking across Wichita’s campus.

By my count, four were in double figures in Cincinnati’s win over Wichita State. Chris Mack taught us you need four at least players in double digits to win. The Cats had four. Wichita State only had two. Chris Mack algorithm of math states that’s a Cincinnati win. 

To recap, Cronin had. A.) THE DEFENSE. B.) That look in their eyes C.) Big Game Jake

Instead of feeling intimidated by the number next to Wichita State’s name, Cincinnati put its hard hats on and went to work.

Jarron Cumberland continues his solid play of ball lately as he scored 11 points and three rebounds. Keith Williams played 9 minutes and knocked down a killer three to keep the Bearcats rolling in the first half. He needs more minutes and with that comes more confidence.

This win doesn’t have the appeal of at UCLA or the win against Mississippi State on a national scale (Seth Davis you rat), it’s better.

The team is only faltering in the sense that they’re falling victim to “life in the American,” and that’s not fair. People will look at this score and see it’s Wichita State and not be impressed. That’s funny because half of the analysts watching the game said these two teams are Final Four caliber.

UC clinched the American Conference Championship outright on Sunday. Mick’s first outright conference championship and he seemed pretty damn happy about it.


This whole blog was written by The Enquirer’s Pat Brennan weeks ago about Xavier’s “impressive” win over Marshall. It was absurd at the time and a crazy spin zone. We decided to take Pat’s article and plug UC’s stats. The Enquirer won’t spin area this win for UC as a positive so we’ll use their article to do it ourselves. 

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