No Coach Could Do What Mick Cronin Did To Houston, Again. AAC Conference Champs!

Peel back the layers from Cincinnati Men’s Basketball victory over the Houston Cougars. What do you see?

The outer layers show, first and foremost a WIN and Champions of the American Conference Tournament. A back and forth rock fight between two teams who didn’t want to score points in the second half. Houston and Cincinnati both head to the NCAA Tournament joined by fellow AAC member Wichita State. The American has as many teams in the tournament as the Pac-12.

Keep peeling. Gary Clark remains the heart and soul of this Bearcats team. The senior grabbed tournament MVP to go along with all the other awards he has won in the last week. The Clayton, NC native is going to need a moving truck for all his trophies. On Sunday he put up 20 points including a game-winning free throw and 12 rebounds.

And more peeling. Kyle Washington played like a grown ass man this week. He had 10 points and 5 rebounds as he flexed on everyone and mean mugged the entire arena. Kyle Washington’s facial expressions on Sunday were Oscar worthy.

That’s enough peeling. What you’re left with is No. 8 Cincinnati’s 56-55 victory over Houston. 

The Bearcats got off to a much quicker start than against Memphis on Saturday. At one point the Cats had a 9 point lead only to squander it and be down 5 minutes later. Houston like most teams that play Cincinnati couldn’t miss at one point. Cincinnati managed to hold them to 37 in the first half and only trailed by 2 at halftime.

TV Teddy made his presence known at times and swallowed his whistle at times. It was a very unlike Teddy kind of day. The second half of the game saw neither team attempt to score. Cincinnati only managed to score 21 but held Houston to only 18. Stifling defense combined with ice cold shooting at times was key for the Cats.

By my count, three were in double figures in Cincinnati’s win over Houston. Chris Mack taught us you need four at least players in double digits to win. The Cats had three. Houston had three. Chris Mack algorithm of math states that’s a toss-up. 

To recap, Cronin had. A.) Two senior leaders take over this game.  B.) Jarron Cumberland turn the ball over 4 times  C.) A big ass trophy to carry home.

Instead of packing it in and looking forward to the selection show, Cincinnati put its hard hats on and went to work.

A clutch three from Kyle Washington with 57 seconds to play tied the game at 55. A bad three-point shot from Houston saw Gary Clark go up for the ball and a Houston player go over his back. Teddy called the foul and Gary got to shoot two. He misses the first. My head went inside my sweatshirt. But this if Gary Fucking Clark so he sank the second. Houston gets the ball back with 6 seconds or something like that. A pass from Gray goes out of bounds as they move down the court. Hahahahaha. Cincinnati inbounds the ball and the rest is history.

Break out the ladder and cut down some nets boys.

This win doesn’t have the appeal of at UCLA, at Wichita State, vs. Houston at home or the win against Mississippi State on a national scale (Seth Davis you rat).

The team is only faltering in the sense that they’re falling victim to “life in the American,” and that’s not fair. People will look at this score and see it’s only Houston and not be impressed. Houston looks a lot like SMU last season, great defense and threats on offense. Hopefully, they have a better tournament than the Mustangs did last year.

Cincinnati faces Georgia State Friday at 2 PM in Nashville or on TBS.

This whole blog was written by The Enquirer’s Pat Brennan weeks ago about Xavier’s “impressive” win over Marshall. It was absurd at the time and a crazy spin zone. We decided to take Pat’s article and plug UC’s stats. The Enquirer won’t spin area this win for UC as a positive so we’ll use their article to do it ourselves. 

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