We’re Not Ready For This To Be Over, Beat UCLA

Give us 5 more, hell give us one more and we’ll worry about the next one after that. We’re not ready for this ride to be over yet. We aren’t ready to say goodbye to this edition. The 116th edition of the Bearcats have been the most fun team to follow in a long long time.

They’ve given us 30 wins, the first time Cincinnati has had 30 wins since 2001-2002 when Bob Huggins had the best damn team in the country. Fifth Third Arena has been our haven this year, we’ve gone into every game not wondering if we were going to win but by how much we are going to win by. This year felt like the 2009 football season when we knew we would win. They’ve given us ridiculous confidence even if we mask it with uncertainty and nervousness. That’s just life as a Cincinnati sports fan, no matter how good it is you’re still nervous.

Mick assembled such a likable group of kids too. Troy, the quiet leader off the court but on the court he turns into a general and commands the floor. Gary Clark is a problem, a guy who appears to be shy but like Troy you put him on the court and he changes into this ball swatting, free throw sinking machine. Jacob Evans, a kid everyone seemed to pass over and he’s making them look like fools. Probably the kid with the most NBA talent on the team, ball skills for days and an incredible personality. Kyle Washington, an NC State transfer where he was told he wasn’t good enough to play. He has a rain man type brain when it comes to college mascots, he’s also the nickname generator for the team. Kevin Johnson, Cincinnati’s own stayed home to play for the Bearcats. Someone you can rely on to play great defense most of the time.

Even the bench is fun. Jarron Cumberland the high star freshman comes in and knocks down threes like he’s Steph Curry and leaves Mick flabbergasted. Tre Scott coming through the with dunks and the handshakes for everyone on the team. Nysier Brooks and his killer attitude. Quadri Moore with his smooth stroke and ability to put together some really good games at times. Justin Jenifer who no matter what is ready to do whatever Cronin asks him to. Zach Tobler, I mean it’s Tobes, the leader of the bench celebrations.

We closed down The Shoe with this team, we bear Xavier in one of the loudest Crosstown Shootout’s with this team. They’ve given us so many great moments this year. That can’t end tonight. We need to be in Memphis next week standing up in awe and looking at the stranger next to us just laughing and shaking our heads in amazement. It’s ok to be selfish and want more moments.

Everything about this team is fun. They’re fearless, they don’t care what anyone else is saying and they’re on a mission. Everyone has counted Cincinnati out against UCLA. Lonzo Ball and his awful father are all anyone wants to talk about. Fine, ignore the Bearcats. They’ve been sleeping on Cincinnati all year. They’ve been sleeping on the Bearcats and it’s about time people pay attention.

We’re not ready to say goodbye. Not yet, give us 5 more and then we can say goodbye. But also hello every 10/20/25 year reunions.

Give this kid a follow on Twitter too @DangItsNick , he’s been putting out great videos all year. This one tops them all.


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