Reaction On The Bengals 20-0 Loss In Season Opener To Ravens

This was a tough game to watch start to finish, The Bengals struggled to move the ball up the field early with penalties and the Ravens stout defense. The only highlight for the offense in the first was when the Bengals handed it off to Joe Mixon for two decent runs for 20 yards, but that was short lived when Andy had his first of 4 interceptions. Andy’s pass was intended for AJ Green, but was tipped by the Ravens linebacker and hauled in by the cornerback, it was a good play by the Ravens, but Andy needs to recognize the zone coverage and bring the ball up, that one was on him. The offensive line looked surprisingly promising holding strong, only faultering for a few hurries and 1 sack. The defense looked strong as well only giving up a field goal and getting big stops when needed.

In the 2nf quarter the Bengals were backed up in their own endzone when they made the call to do a play action pass to AJ Green on 1st  and 15, a ballsy call on the Bengals part that ended up paying off with the 1st  down. Gio caught a pass for 23 yards shortly after, which was his first of two big plays. This drive was by far the Bengals best of the game, they were flying down the field looking unstoppable. However, when the Bengals made it to the redzone Andy threw an interception that was intended for Lafell who was double covered at the time. This one was completely on Andy no question, the line held, Andy was trying to force a play that wasn’t there.

The defense bailed Andy out by forcing the Ravens to punt after a 3 and out on the turnover possesion. The only time the defense blew it was the Ravens next possesion when they drove 76 yards down the field and Darqueze Dennard completely blew his assignment giving Jeremy Maclin the easy TD. Dalton disappointed again when, with 1:30 left in the 2nd, he threw the ball directly at Terrel Sugg’s helmet where it was deflected and intercepted, In Andys defense, on this one Sugg’s had some serious hops getting up there to disrupt the play and he was torturing Ogbuehi all quarter. The Ravens capitalized on the turnover and got their second TD.

Going into the 3rd quarter I was convinced that the offense would show up and realize they were supposed to be playing today, unfortunately this isn’t a fairy tale and does not have a happy ending. The third quarter was relatively unexciting by both teams. Nick Vigil and the defense made a great play by forcing an interception and breathing life back into Paul Brown Stadium, The Bengals made it to the redzone once again, but this time Dalton was sacked by Terrell Suggs forcing a fumble with a Ravens recovery. Who was covering Suggs? You guessed it Cedric Ogbuehi, I hope the Bengals can finally admit they were wrong about him, he is a bust, its time to move on. The Ravens capitalized on the turnover with a field goal which would be the last score of the game by either team.

The 4th quarter was long and a show of the Ravens ability to bust through the O-Line and disrupt the Bengals to a laughable level. Andy sealed his terrible game with his 5th turnover and 4th interception with 1:15 left on the clock.

I have already heard a bunch on the radio and Facebook articles that the O-Line was the position to blame for the loss. Personally I would disagree, even though Andy was sacked 5 times, all of his interceptions were with relatively little pressure on him. I believe as a unit the O-line was bad and Ogbuehi has proven that he cannot play left tackle, but overall this loss rests on Andy Dalton’s shoulders. Andy is normally great in the redzone always capitalizing on opportunities to score , but today he was the complete opposite. You cant win football games throwing 4 interceptions, period. In short, the O-Line needs work, Andy needs even more, the defense looks great, and today sucks, no getting around it. The Texans are coming into town for Thursday Night and the Bengals better make some serious adjustments before then.

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