Reaction to The Bengals Hiring Teryl Austin

The Bengals officially announced today that they have hired Teryl Austin as their new defensive coordinator. Now a lot of you may just think that all we do is hate on the Bengals and that we are complete nihilists regarding the organization, but I would much rather right positive articles than negative. However, with the Bengals latest hire its hard to see a light at the end of this long dark tunnel.

Teryl Austin is fresh off a 3 year coaching stint with the Detroit Lions where he was their defensive coordinator. In the 2017 Season the Lions defense was ranked in the bottom half of the league in every major defensive stat.

21st in Average Points Per Game allowed

27th in Yards Per Game allowed

27th in Passing Yards Per Game allowed

18th in Rushing Yards Per Game allowed

Now im no mathematician but if you average out those numbers, that is a good representation of total defensive ranking in the NFL,which I have coined my Ghetto Defense Ranking (GDR) In 2017 it rounded out to 23rd in the League. His 2017 defensive ranking was not a fluke either. in 2016 his GDR was 23rd, and in 2015 when he took over, it was 23rd. The more interesting part is that for the 3 years the true GDR without rounding was the exact same 23.25.

The Ghetto Defense ranking doesn’t lie and it seems like we got ourselves another bargain hire under the Mike Brown regime. Now I would love for Teryl Austin to prove me wrong and the Bengals to be an elite defensive unit once again, but for some reason I predict they will fall in the lower half of defensive rankings in the league once again. Believe it or not im predicting 23rd to be exact.


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