Where Were You When The Reds Lost Game 5 Of NLDS To Giants?

Today is October 11th, 2017. Why is this date so significant for the wrong and painful reasons?

It was five years ago today the Cincinnati Reds lost Game 5 to the San Francisco Giants 6-4. The Giants went on to win the World Series because of course they did.

The 2012 Reds season was magical. 97 wins, second best record in the league and one of the top pitching rotation in the game. This was the year a Cincinnati professional sports team was finally going to break the curse and bring home a championship.

You know the story of this heartbreak. The Reds won the first two games on the road and then returned home needing only to win ONE GAME to advance to the NLCS and play the St Louis Cardinals. Guess what they did? Lost all three games. During the regular season the team never lost three games in a row inside Great American Ballpark so figure that it happens when it matters.

Game 5. We all remember what we were doing that day. I was at school in the library watching the game and when Buster Posey hit the grand slam in the fifth inning off Mat Latos to give the Giants a 6-0 lead, I packed my stuff, put my laptop in my bag and head out to my car and I was just silent the car ride home.  The Reds kept chipping away, had the tying player at plate from the sixth inning until final out when Scott Rolen struck out swinging.

I remember going to my room and I did cry a bit. Came out seconds later and just sat in the living room in totally disbelief.

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