Reds Name Scott Feldman Opening Day Starter

Who the fuck is this guy?!

Not even 12 hours after the Bearcats lost in the tournament and the Reds drop this on us. Scott Feldman is the Opening Day starter so if you put money on him congrats. Kidding, he wasn’t even an option to bet on (probably).

Scott Feldman was signed by the Reds this offseason to join the rotation after Homer lost his arm, Disco can’t use his elbow and god knows what else is going to go wrong. So here is Feldman, pitching Opening Day for the Reds. You realize that in like 3 years we went from Johnny Cueto starting opening day to Scott Feldman.

In 2016 Feldman went 7-4 with a 3.97 ERA pitching for both the Toronto Blue Jays and the Houston Astros. He is in his 12th year of service, two years removed from starting 29 games for the Astros. He could potentially be a work horse who can eat up innings to hand over to the bullpen. Or not because a tired starter is on par with a fresh Reds bullpen.

Listen I’m an eternal optimist. I always think we’re going to win. But trying to convince myself the Reds won’t have the doors blown off them is getting harder and harder. We’re taking a Corolla to a race against a McLaren at this point. Just a bunch of mediocrity that works hard and will have a long career, just nothing about it is exciting. Where the McLaren is hot, flashy and will perform amazing for like 2 years then need a shit ton of service.

Scott Feldman. Opening Day starter.

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