Reminder That The Reds Are Paying Bronson Arroyo Two Salaries

When the Reds signed Bronson Arroyo to a minor league deal with the opportunity to make the major league club a lot of people were happy and confused. Bronson is a great guy for the team, the community and a veteran to guide this team of young guys. He is not young though, he’s 40 and it goes against the clubs mantra of getting young.

Either way Arroyo is in Arizona with the team for spring training. He is making the veteran minimum if he makes the Reds roster, so around $600,000 a year. Cheap in terms of pitchers especially if he proves to be a reliable guy this season.

People forget that the Reds are still paying Arroyo from the last time he was in Cincinnati;

Every July 1st until 2021 the Reds will be paying Arroyo $1,363,636, meaning the Reds are paying two salaries to Arroyo this season. Granted it comes out to basically $2M and it’s ok that it’s going to him and not say JJ Hoover but they’re still paying two salaries. From 2006-2013 Arroyo was a key member of the Cincinnati Reds. However the Reds were strapped for cash and designed his contract to pay out even when he wasn’t a Red in order to afford more players immediately in an attempt to win and keep him. Same thing with Griffey Jr.

Bronson basically is doing what your uncle who retired from GE is doing. Double dipping, retire from GE then go work for Belcan, get your retirement check and a regular pay check. Smart move Bronson, savvy with the money game. If you can double dip, you do it. Money over everything. I wrote about the Reds still paying Bronson and Ken Griffey Jr. last year, read it here. 

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