Shoutout The @Enquirer For Their Phenomenal UC Football Signing Day Coverage

Our colleagues over at The Cincinnati Enquirer have been KILLING it as of late. Staying on top of FC Cincinnati’s blind circus, Doc is calling out racists left and right, FOX19 is collaborating on Xavier coverage and they even managed to talk about Bearcats basketball.

Wednesday on National Signing Day they stepped up their coverage of UC football to an unfathomable level. They were there for every signing, reported on every player and even retweeted the football account each time another player signed. It was great to see the city paper support Bearcats for the first time in nearly a decade.

Take a look at the Enquirer’s Sports page this morning.

Yeah everything above was a complete lie. The Enquirer stuck by their anti-UC guns and covered absolutely nothing from UC’s signing day. They did however post a video of Ohio State’s Urban Meyer fist pumping that he got a signing from a tackle. Ohio State is the only school that plays college football, the Enquirer is just making sure people stay up to date.

No recap, no side bar story, no video clip of Fickell talking, nothing. Thank god we got a GMC round up though. St. John’s got a story on the side bar, a team in New York has the #3 story. Oh and a kid who isn’t even Mr. Basketball signed with NKU, fascinating stuff. What would we do without Ochocinco coverage as well? He played here a decade ago.

About The Bearcats

Since the actual newspaper whose job is to cover sports in Cincinnati won’t do it, we will.

The Cincinnati Bearcats football team had a monumental day on Wednesday. Securing some gigantic pieces that will give the Bearcats a great opportunity in 2019 and 2020 to crash the New Year’s party.

Luke Fickell and his staff put together a class so good the next best class in the American isn’t even in the same neighborhood. The Cat’s are living in Indian Hill, USF is living out in Westwood.

The Bearcats absolutely dominated signing day. They have the 47th best class in the nation, highest of the G5 by 10 spots and above schools like Arkansas, Colorado and nearly half the Big 10. The Bearcats are ahead of Indiana, Illinois, Northwestern, Purdue, Rutgers and almost Wisconsin but aren’t worthy of playing in the Big 10.

Luke Fickell and his staff KILLED it. The Bearcats will be home to 5 Top 20 players from the state of Ohio. Do you know how many Ohio State got? Four. Fickell and his staff with the help of Malik Vann out recruited Ohio State in terms of Top 20 players in Ohio.

Four star running back Tavion Thomas shunned the Buckeyes to join the Bearcats. The Dayton, OH native will add an impressive punch to the Bearcats back field with Doaks. Fellow four start Leonard Taylor will join Thomas and early enrollee Josh Whyle as a possible addition to the Bearcats offense, also played defensive end in high school.

Welcome to all of the new signees. Cincinnati football is on the cusp of another run of golden years. Luke Fickell has exceeded everyone’s expectaions off the field, now the on the field product needs to step it up.

See you all in LA.

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