Skyline Changed Their Crackers And They’re So Much Better

WCPO–An informal taste test indicated the new crackers are saltier and more buttery than Skyline’s classic crackers.

A Skyline spokesperson said their old baker is changing business model and will no longer be supplying their crackers.

The company is “working hard at a seamless change in suppliers, and are in the midst of transitioning to a high-quality baker who shares our passion for the Skyline Chili experience,” they said.

People are mad online, they took to Twitter and they are not happy. Nope not about President Trump, about some crackers at Skyline. They’re too salty, they’re too buttery, we want the old ones back. Listen, the new crackers are a 1000% better than the old ones. Hot take, they are.

No longer are they a little soggy, a little stale tasting. Now they’re crisper, saltier and all around better tasting crackers. We had them this weekend, amazingly better. Salt on every cracker, WHAT?! The old ones were so hit or miss, not now.

People freaking out about it is such fake outrage. Same way people say they’re OBSESSED with Chipotle when really it’s as mediocre as Game of Thrones. The old crackers weren’t great, they were pretty forgettable. The new ones taste better, welcome to 2017, things are about to get crazy. Still better than Goldstar though.

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