Someone Let Kenny Frease Have Sex With, Upset Of The Century

Frease, 27, lives in Germany with his wife, Emily (nee Mayers), a former Xavier volleyball player. They married at a U.S. courthouse in 2012 and had a church wedding in 2013, and just last week they welcomed their first child: Kenneth Eugene Frease IV.

Someone named Emily let this guy (look below)


Have sex with them! On purpose, and have a kid. Insanity, can’t believe it. Congrats on the sex Kenny. Waiting until you’re 27 though is a bold move in the Catholic world. Married in 2012 but had a kid in 2017. Sounds like you were using protection and by the rules and standards of the Catholic church that makes you a sinner. Hmmm, sounds like someone needs to hit up the confessional. For I have sinned father.

Congrats to him and his wife though who has nothing to do with our hatred of Xavier and Kenny Frease. Honestly I don’t hate Kenny. It’s hard to hate the guy who loses a fight. KO’d in one punch by Yancy Gates. Probably relives that every night. We all have body jerks because we think we’re falling off cliffs. Kenny Frease believes Yancy is punching him on a nightly basis.

Don’t want to bring this kid into it but naming him Kenneth Frease IV is a preposterous move. When this kid YouTube’s his dad’s name and see’s him catching a hand it’s going to be a long day in the Frease household. Listen son, Mark Lyons and Tu Holloway really fucked me that day. I took the hit and they walked away without a scratch but proved they’re “gansta’s.” Boy what an awkward moment that’s going to be.

You think the Malice In The Palace players have to show their kids what happened. Ron Artest just blowing white guys up. Jermaine O’Neal. Damn.

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