State Of The Blog On The Third Anniversary

It’s that time of the year again. Early May rolls around and once again it’s time to celebrate the anniversary of this blog. We don’t really know what day in early May it was started. Sometime between May 5th and 12th the blog was born. Let’s get down to the brass tax whatever the hell that is. Some of you seem to care about this blog so here’s what’s going on and what we’re thinking for the future.

We’re Closing The Blog

Man would some people love if that was true but the fact is the blog pays for itself at this point so the doors will stay open another year. If the day ever comes where the blog is taking money out of my own pocket then it might have to get shuttered and become a relic of the past. If we ever do close the blog there won’t be a goodbye it’ll just in like When we started this blog 3 years ago in the spring of 2014 we never expected it to last a month, let alone three years. Thanks to everyone that jumped ship with us from the other site we had a falling out with. Without that small core we probably would have given up by July. We’re basically running the Paddy’s Pub and genuinely have no clue how it’s still going. But we managed to get it hosted, figure out how to use adsense, and learned how be productive degenerates of the internet. In all honestly this blog has been longer than every relationship I’ve had. Can’t just quit on it yet.

Three years after making the switch to do it on our own we’re still two idiots. We’ve broken stories, been cited in major publications and have built relationships with some really great people who see what we’re doing here. This blog was never meant to be a hardcore capital J place to write. It has always been a place for two fans to give our opinions and have a voice. It will never be anything more than that. I think we do a better job than a lot of the local media outlets in terms of what is happening with local sports. Recently we’ve been beating The Enquirer to stories by a day or a week. While they have to wait for confirmation we don’t. If we get something wrong, well so be it. No one is going to hold something small against us and we know when we’re being fed bullshit. Looking at you Big 12 guy. “This is happening, run the story you guys can be the first to break it.” Smartest decision CvE has ever made was to not run that story.

We got our first press passes last year for the Western & Southern Tennis Tournament, NASCAR at Kentucky and Bearcats football. We also got our press passes taken away for one of those and you can probably guess which one. We met a lot of great people and finally got better at social media. Year 3 was a big year for us on literally every level. We nearly tripledĀ our views for the year over year 2. We grew our social following by a ton. Even got named to the AAC must follow blogs over OhVarsity which is like saying A Christmas Story is the best Christmas movie. Home Alone is, everyone knows that.

Looking Towards Year 4

We don’t plan shit. Literally we have no idea what we’re doing next. Hence why sometimes you get back to back blogs on the same topic. There’s no communication over here. We’ve literally been sitting in the same room and posted blogs on the same topics. But some thoughts on this upcoming year.

  • Maybe add a new writer or two. We’ve experimented with new guys every now and then but it just hasn’t worked out for whatever reason. Getting someone that is full time in college to cover UC/Clifton would be cool. So if you’re interested or know someone hit us up. Be our Nightcrawler except dig up dirt on Xavier and call the police if someone is dying.
  • Be a tiny bit more positive. Less over reactive blogs where we’re super critical like every miserable sports fan. More positive blogs which would make Tony Robbins proud. Which should be easy with Tuberville gone. People have complained about the tone, bunch of snowflakes. But we get it.
  • More video content. Video killed the internet bloggers, that would be an awful song. Get ready to see our dumb faces and maybe some montages of games. Definitely going to post more highlights of games to Twitter.
  • More press passes. We aren’t traditional media who are going to sit in the press box to cover everything play by play. That’s boring, the people in the press boxes are boring and most are kind of assholes. Maybe we’ll give everyone a behind the scenes look.
  • Continue to push local media to do a better job. WCPO can suck a dick, they’re out. WLWT, Fox 19, WKRC are all 50/50 in terms of coverage. Some great people work at those outlets, a lot of garbage works there too. The Enquirer is a bigger lost cause than Frank Gallagher. Let them die. If they can’t figure it out by now that’s their own fault. YOU ARE A MEDIA COMPANY, LEARN THAT AND YOU WON’T DIE.
  • Definitely going to be in Twitter wars still. Can’t stop that. Looking at you FC Cincinnati fans, sensitive silly nannies.
  • Advertisers are finally starting to take notice so we apologize in advance if anything comes up with that. BUY WHATEVER THEY’RE SELLING.
  • Actually meet some of the readers. We’re all one big UC/Cincy sports family but most of us have never actually met. Maybe have a meet up at a game or something. It’d be like meeting a tinder date but usually other dudes who like sports.
  • Podcast on a regular basis. Maybe put more effort into that. Currently this is how the podcast goes. Record, export, post. No editing, no listening back.

The blog is here to stay for another year. We both work full time, we both have lives outside of this place so how long it sticks around for is really up to how interested we are in it. Blogging gets annoying sometimes and when some soccer bros tell you to kill yourself in graphic detail it gets kind of old. Being told you have herpes and your mother is a cunt ranks up there too. Or some UC frat bros tell you they hope your dad dies from the cancer he had you kind of hate the world. We both like doing this, it’s fun to interact on Twitter with everyone and have a place you put our thoughts out there. Be an asshole, just don’t wish death on people. Other than that everyone has been pretty cool.

To year 4 and whatever the hell happens.

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