Steelers-Bengals Highlights Of Cheap Shots And Trash Talk

The Steelers-Bengals Monday Night Football game is was what we expected.

  1. Cheap shots
  2. Trash talking
  3. Violent
  4. Bengals being the Bengals
  5. Steelers owning this “rivalry.”


This injury by Ryan Shazier was so scary because immediately after he delivered the hit he motioned his back and his legs weren’t moving at all. We all feared the worst. But thankfully on this Tuesday morning we have good news and its encouraging and we are happy about that. Prayers continue to go out to him.

JuJu Smith- Schuster delivered this cheap shot hit on Vontaze Burfict and stood over him. Got flagged but didn’t get ejected. If Tez did that to Antonio Brown, death penalty will be served for him. The Steelers narrative, cheap shots but will never get punish for it because the NFL want to protect they’re precious yellow and black. Didn’t like how some people praised him for this hit and calling a hero. Sickening.

AB is a fool and clown for this. Not funny at all. Was it karma for Shazier on what happened to him because of the hit made on Gio in the playoffs in 2016? No. This “rivalry” is just hate now and it sucks.

This game sucked not because the Bengals lost because we knew they will but how the NFL is losing it and everyone hates it. So many flags, so many violent hits and nothing is going to be done about it.

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