Baylor Deserves The Death Penalty But The Cowardly NCAA Won’t Do It

May 18, 2017

Pretty damning allegations in former Baylor volleyball player's Title IX lawsuit against university — Mark Schlabach (@Mark_Schlabach) May 17, 2017 Absolutely heinous acts were committed by the Baylor football team. There is no doubting the validity of the claims anymore since literally everyone has come forth with details on what happened. Nothing I’m going to say here is going to make a difference or be anything that people haven’t…


Bob Bowlsby Says No Big 12 Expansion Candidate’s “Would Move The Needle”

May 12, 2017

Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby is by all accounts an utter moron of a man. He furthered proved that on Friday when speaking about the future of the Big 12 and the convoluted disaster that was Big 12 expansion last summer. Bowlsby is the captain of a sinking ship he just refuses to believe he’s taking on water. One night he’ll go to bed and the next morning he’ll wake…


When The Big 12 Implodes Cincinnati Should Stay In The AAC

May 2, 2017

When you read that headline you’re probably picking up a can to throw at my head but hear me out. When the Big 12 ultimately implodes and it will under this leadership. The Cincinnati Bearcats should stay in the American Athletic Conference and not jump to the Big 12 which will now be made up of what is left over. Right now nothing would make Cincinnati and Houston fans happier…


No Baylor Won’t Get The Death Penalty, No Cincinnati Is Not Going To The Big 12

January 30, 2017

News came out of Baylor University on Friday night that the school’s alleged rape and sexual assault investigation was way worse than previously thought. It turns out the school and football program covered up 52 acts of rape by 31 football players. An astronomical amount only outdone by Bill Cosby and one unbefitting of any respectable university. It is a disgusting reality that this happened and it was covered up,…


#8 Generic Big 12 Expansion Blog Post

December 29, 2016

#8 Remember when the Big 12 was going to expand and all the expansion trolls tweeted and blogged every day about every possible scenario they became generic?  This is what the world needs right now. Another Big 12 expansion blog post. Because there aren’t enough of those floating around the internet right now. Of course everyone that writes one has a source at the schools in question or at the…


Here’s To Hoping The Big 12 Dies

October 17, 2016

The Big 12 decided against expanding. Meaning no Cincinnati, no BYU and definitely no Houston. The conference may have been talked into not expanding by ESPN and FOX. Their handling of the whole process though was one of the most pathetic things that you will ever see. Just meeting after bullshit meeting with comments and quotes that never carried any weight. The direction of the conference was dictated by Texas…


Rumor: Texas & Oklahoma Leave Big 12, Who In Return Add 4 New Schools

October 13, 2016

Hot rumor on the internets right now is that Monday’s Big 12 press conference could change the landscape of college football. It’s an intriguing rumor and something that actually makes sense. The likelihood of hit happening though is highly unlikely though, mainly because we’re talking about the Big 12 and they never do anything the remotely resembles a logical action. Rumor is that Texas and Oklahoma will leave the Big…


The Big 12 Has A Presser Scheduled For Monday Where They’ll Announce No Expansion

October 12, 2016

Big 12 plans news conference Monday evening after board mtg. (What news—expand/don't expand/kick can down the road—is still anyone’s guess.) — George Schroeder (@GeorgeSchroeder) October 12, 2016 If #Big12 was going to expand on Monday, news would have leaked from #BYU, #UCBearcats, #GoCoogs or #UConn. Doubt seriously any expansion. — GREG SWAIM SHOW (@GSwaim) October 12, 2016 Hey so the Big 12 has a press conference scheduled for Monday after…


Big 12 Might Be Dead, Bearcats Have A Lot Against Them Now

September 29, 2016

More Big 12 talk, haven’t talked about it in awhile so here we are because The Dude of WV opened his big dumb mouth. The Dude says Cincinnati doesn’t have the votes to get into the Big 12. Listing Texas, TCU, West Virginia and Texas Tech as no votes. Ok, what does this mean? Especially now that Oklahoma has apparently soured on expansion as well. In layman’s terms, we’re fucked….


Houston Fans, Your Run Won’t Last

September 5, 2016

@GOZZER513 @dfbarron seriously cannot wait for Cinci fans to swallow the HTowntakeover D — RedTrollFTW (@TheGuyFromHOU) September 5, 2016 Just one of a billion tweets from puffy chested Houston Cougar fans this weekend. Houston is in the midst of their best run ever, much like the 2008-2009 Cincinnati Bearcats. Unlike the rest of us, Houston Cougar fans think their success if going to last forever. Much like Memphis fans, they’re…