No Whiteouts For Bearcats Football At Nippert In 2017

August 17, 2017

2017 🏈 Crowd Colors (per @Bearcat_T) 8/31 Austin Peay – 🔴⚫️🔴⚫️9/30 Marshall – 🔴🔴🔴🔴10/21 SMU – ⚫️⚫️⚫️⚫️11/25 UConn – ⚫️⚫️⚫️⚫️ — OhVarsity! (@OhVarsity) August 15, 2017 Hallelujah, all praise Lord Fickell. There will apparently be no whiteouts inside historic Nippert Stadium in 2017. Hopefully this means the death of the white helmets, finally. White helmets should have died after the great Sugar Bowl massacre of 2009/2010. Tommy Tuberville loved white…


NEW PODCAST: Ep 32 or 33 Is Live With FC Cincinnati and Bearcats Talk

August 14, 2017

The Cincinnati v. Everyone podcast is back! We took a 7 month break, had to regroup our thoughts, talk some things out, battle some soccer guys. A lot happened while we were gone and we talked about absolutely none of it. Instead we discuss FC Cincinnati’s success, my hatred for their fan base and Bearcats football. Also that time we got hacked, we explain what happened and how we overcame…


There Will Be No Video Board For FC Cincinnati v. New York Red Bulls Apparently

August 9, 2017

Nippert Stadium update: Hearing new video board might be ready by FC Cincy's Aug. 23 game. (First #UC home football game is Aug. 31) — Tom Groeschen (@TomGroeschen) August 8, 2017 FC Cincinnati has the biggest game in the two year history of their club next week inside The University of Cincinnati’s Nippert Stadium. There will be something missing from that Final Four game against the New York Red Bulls….


Nippert Stadium Is Finally Getting New Video Scoreboard

August 3, 2017

Praise Jesus!! GO— “The University of Cincinnati Department of Athletics announced the upcoming installation of a new LED video display at Nippert Stadium for the 2017 football season. Nearly four times larger than the size of the existing active video display area, the new end zone display from Daktronics measures 31 feet high by 114 feet wide. The display is the same quality and model installed by the Cincinnati…


New Ohio State Coach Chris Holtmann Will Get Scolded By OSU For Asking This Question

August 2, 2017

New OSU basketball coach Chris Holtmann asked fans how many would like to play UC or Xavier in a home and home. The fans have answered. — Adam King (@AdamAndrewKing) August 1, 2017 Ohio State Head Basketball Coach Chris Holtmann asked a very controversial question Tuesday night at a OSU basketball event. A question that should have ended with “lol that’s never happening” and a question that will likely…


Hayden Moore Says The Bearcats “Gave Up” At Times In 2016

July 27, 2017

Hayden on haters: "They won't know what's coming." Hayden on difference this fall: "I hate to say it but… " Real talk.#Bearcats @fox19 — Jeremy Rauch (@FOX19Jeremy) July 26, 2017 Respect the hell out of the honesty from Hayden Moore here. Not many guys will just flat out say the team gave up at times last year. Mainly because they don’t want to be known as the guys that…


Munchie LeGaux Says Tommy Tuberville Told Him To Cut His Hair For The NFL

July 19, 2017

Mike Vick sent the media world into a tizzy the week on Jason Whitlock and Colin Cowherd’s show off FS1. No one was actually watching the show but when the clip made it’s rounds on Twitter everyone became outraged. Vick basically said that Colin Kaepernick needed to cut his afro to more accepted by the NFL owners and essentially America. It was a dumb opinion but whatever, it’s Mike Vick…


Mick Cronin Calls NBA’s “One & Done” Policy Racist

July 12, 2017

CBS Sports– Cincinnati coach Mick Cronin doesn’t like the current system.   “It hints at racism,” Cronin wrote in a text to CBS Sports. “Basketball players are black. Baseball predominantly white. Just how I see it. Why can one group be trusted to make decisions and the other is being regulated? No matter what the rules, people will make mistakes. That has been proven for both sports.”   Mick Cronin said…


Favorite Bearcats Sports Blog/Website And Go…

June 21, 2017

  Yo, don’t choose Cincinnati vs Everyone because we are the worst lol, alright, there. Actually, I’ll take us over the “market leader.” So I was on twitter the other night and I was just looking on there see stuff about Bearcats football recruiting information and stuff and it made me raise the question what are y’all favorite UC sports blog/website to go to for everything or just for a…


Big Time Bearcats Football Recruiting News

June 17, 2017

Luke Fickell has done it again! That guy has been killing it with local recruits. He’s kicked in the doors that local high schools boarded up when Tuberville came around like a devastating hurricane was coming. Instead of destroying buildings though he was destroying their collegiate careers and dreams of winning. This is some big time Bearcats football recruiting news though. Have you checked the recruiting sites? Doubt they even…