The Bengals Aren’t In The Super Bowl But There Are Plenty Of Reasons To Watch

Once again for the 30th straight year, the Cincinnati Bengals won’t be in the Super Bowl. It’s crazy to think that half of that time has been the Marvin Lewis era.


Obviously the Bengals aren’t going to Minneapolis, however, two teams are going to Minneapolis giving us plenty of reasons to still watch.

Like can the upstart Jaguars take down the Steelers again this season? Will the force Ben Roethlisberger to throw 5 interceptions again? You can take a prop bet on the possibility that he’s going to do that, you might want to take the under this time around though.

Maybe you’re tuning in to see if the Patriots are going to lose. The Titans don’t really stand much of a chance against a Bill Belichick coached team in the playoffs especially with the hyper-competitive Tom Brady behind center. ESPN would beg to differ though with the “deep rift” in the team. You could bet against the Patriots but you’d be dumb to do so. Maybe there is a prop bet about Mariota throwing a pass to himself or making a game-sealing block. Who knows.

Forget about the NFC, that’s a dumpster fire that’s going to be the Vikings v. the Falcons and neither are good enough to beat the Patriots.

On To The Super Bowl

The most bet on game of the season. You can bet on the length of the anthem, who tackles who, first half lines, it’s a gambler’s wet dream.

Sure there is a game to be played and Justin Timberlake will be breaking the FCC at halftime when he brings Janet out. There is still going to be a hell of a game being played. Are we going to have a repeat of last season with a comeback for the ages? Is Minnesota about to become the first team to play a Super Bowl in their home stadium? Maybe.

Really though betting on the Super Bowl is wildly entertaining if you can do it responsibly. Who is going to score first? How are they going to score?

That’s not enough for you, you say? Try some live betting and get your rocks off with that as things change with literally every play. That’s a level of living on the edge most mortals don’t want to attempt.

Have no fear though once the Super Bowl is over and the confetti has fallen there is always next season. You think the Bengals are going to win more than 8.5 games next season? Well, you’re a fool, but you can still take those odds if you want.

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