Here Are Some Thoughts On The Bearcats Playing At NKU After The First Night Game

This sucks.

A full season of Bearcats basketball is going to drive some of us to insanity. Monday night was the first regular season night game at NKU on a weeknight. A 7 pm tip-off in the commonwealth at the end of rush hour. Hence the rush hour part because that has to be my biggest complaint.


Traffic in Cincinnati sucks. The drivers of this city are incapable of many things. Driving in the rain is one, driving in some snow flurries is another and passing flashing lights in a timely manner. Rush hour traffic happens every day and every day this city grinds to a halt. Merging is an impossible idea for these people. Traffic flow doesn’t exist because the drivers suck.

I was coming from Mason after work on Monday, typically it will be Oakley but for yesterday we’ll start with Mason. Traffic was pretty good from Mason to about the lateral. A little touch and go there. But when we got to basically Clifton the traffic to get on 471 was backed up to there. And that’s where the nightmare started.

From Clifton to Highland Heights it took well over half an hour. Just stop and go traffic all the way across the bridge, up the hill until 275. Past that it cleared up to NKU. That traffic though was excessive. Would I rather wait in that traffic or go to that dump they call US Bank Arena? Keep reading.

The on-campus traffic is a pain in the ass. We got there early, wasn’t a big deal. However 20 minutes later we looked out the window and traffic was from the garages, up the hill, and onto the street. That’s where things need to change. The flow of traffic on campus is horrendous.

Somehow they figured out how to get people out quickly for the most part but their cops are still as bad as the cops in Clifton about managing traffic. Two cars through the roundabout from the longest line is idiotic.

BB&T Arena

Let me start by saying there isn’t a bad seat in the place. The sightlines are all perfect and the upper deck being steep really plays when you’re watching the game. No obstructions, no fat drunkards standing and yelling in your sightline.

Immediately upon reaching the door though they lost me. No cameras with detachable lenses allowed in the arena. Literally disassembled an entire DSLR down for the guy and he was having none of it. “That’s just the rules buddy” “You have stupid rules. This is amazingly stupid.” “It’s the policy” You want to lose me, call me buddy. Had to take the camera back to the car in the garage and then walk back to the arena. What a stupid ass rule, NKU. No other arena/stadium has ever had that rule. I TAKE IT ON AIRPLANES. The camera will be in the arena for the next game.

Turn the lights down in the arena. The reflection off the court was blinding. I want the boys to be able to see the ball but damn man. South beach is dimmer than this arena. Wearing sunglasses is a legitimate option.

Concessions are painfully slow. Just ticking along at streetcar pace bumping into shit. Regular concession prices so no complaints there. Just speed it up some. They sell churros over by section 207ish so good on them. Churros can save the world.


Traveling for this season is going to suck. Not really looking forward to driving past Clifton again knowing I could easily be getting off there. At least in Clifton I know where the garages are, all the side streets and exits from Clifton. At NKU we all have to go one of two ways.

Is it better than that dump US Bank Arena? Without a doubt. Once you’re inside.

The traffic and parking options can kick bricks. NKU fans, you can keep it. We’re cool.

If the Bearcats weren’t so damn good this would be a bigger issue. All of us are blindly in love with this team at this point like a 7th grader crushing on a teacher we’re willing to ignore the bigger problems.

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