Twitter Reaction To USBA Hosting The 2022 NCAA Tournament

Probably the most shocking announcement since Myles Davis left Xavier the City of Cincinnati will be hosting the 2022 NCAA Tournament first and second round games. Somehow US Bank Arena in all of its glory will play host to the tournament. Needless to say everyone was kind of shocked by this. Not because Cincinnati can’t handle this, we can. Rather that US Bank Arena landed this.

Generally tournament sites are played in nice arenas, Yum Center, Sacramento’s new arena, Greensboro, Bankers Life, you get it. All of those are nice arenas, with windows, and lights, and seats, and bathrooms, and a concourse that doesn’t make you feel like you’re waling to an untimely death. Evidently other people felt the same way on Twitter:

No one can believe that US Bank landed this. It’s in such bad shape UC refused to even use it as a temporary home in 2017-2018. Yet the NCAA thinks that it is suitable for the tournament. Alright then.

Ultimately this could be a troll job by the NCAA just 5 years in the making. When tournament time rolls around the Bearcats will get sent to Portland or San Diego and Xavier will get to play at USBA while UC plays “host.” That’s exactly what’s going to happen and there’s nothing we can do about it. Being a Cincinnati fan means you’re negative by nature.

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