UC Had A Bad Game,This Team Is Still Good


Okay, Sunday afternoon was bad, really bad. UC fell to SMU on the road 60-51. The loss was the first since December 10th at Butler. It ended the team’s 15 game winning streak.

The sky is falling, right? NO. Can we all relax for a second? Twitter was on fire after the game and as well they should because that was such a bad performance from this team in the second half. It was the worst game this team has played all season. You knew they would have a game like this but it sucked it happened in this magnitude.

UC’s offense was shooting great from the three-point line in the first half but you can’t expect to make every single three. SMU’s goal was to deny UC any chances of posting up down low and they accomplish that feat with ease. Game was tied 28 all at halftime. UC was up 40-31 at one point in the second half with about 13 minutes left and then SMU went on ridiculous 29-11 run to end the game.

Senior point guard Troy Caupain had two points from the free throw line. Zero field goals made. It was his worst game ever at Cincinnati. He knows he played bad and I think you don’t have to worry about him. He will back. Sophomore guard Jacob Evans had 12 points in the first half all from the three-point land. Then in the second half he hit a wall and scored only three points. UC needs to get Jake going because we know what he is capable of doing. He turned it on during this exact part of the season last year.

Gary Clark and Kyle Washington had trouble posting up all game, credit SMU for taking that away. Washington had nice plays then he had plays where I wanted to throw my remote into the TV. He’s very talented but when he makes mistakes in the defensive end or take bad shots I just scratch my head in disgust because he’s too good to be doing that. Clark had 12 rebounds and that’s great against one of the best defensive rebounding teams in the country but only had 6 points.

The bench had four points total. They scored more points that Caupain did all game. I would like to see Freshman Jarron Cumberland play more in the game than Quadri Moore and that’s no disrespect to him. He doesn’t belong on the floor in that game. Period. ┬áSenior Kevin Johnson had 13 points. He had great plays and timely shots. But he also had his “KJ” moments where he makes a bad turnover/bad shot selection. When needed a big shot during the winning streak it will always be Johnson that delivers the goods. Consistency and good play is key with him.

It’s not the end of the world! We are 22-3 and tied for first in the American Athletic Conference. I love this team and its very different from when the team in SK’s year that went to SMU at 22-2 and got blown off the roofs. That team had no offensive weapons other than SK. This year’s squad has so many options in the offensive side and the chemistry on this team is so great. They will pick themselves up from this game, learn from it and get better. This team has the capability of going deep in March.

Just get back to winning on Wednesday night at South Florida and go from there. The goals they have set for the season is still in place. Forget the rankings, NCAA seedings and all the other crap. Just win!

We are good.

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