UC Gets Georgia State In Nashville On Friday At 2pm

The # 2 seed in the South Region Cincinnati Bearcats Men’s Basketball get to play close to home in Nashville, TN as they will take on Georiga State Panthers on Friday at 2 pm on TBS.

UC won the regular season title in the American Athletic Conference and on Sunday winning the conference tournament championship for the first time since 2004 in the Conference USA days.

When we all saw the UC’s name, region, team, day and time they will be playing it could have been more ideal. Like I said at the beginning playing at Nashville is perfect for us fans and students. Smooth drive, five hours and also it has been good luck for the Cats in tournament history. Last time UC was drawn to the Music City they went to the Sweet 16 in 2012 by beating Texas and Florida State.

Also, the game is played on Friday, and this team needs rest because they beat up from the regular season and postseason grind. And also the road to the Sweet 16 looks bright for the team. Georiga State were Cinderella darlings in 2015 by upsetting 3rd seed Baylor so they won’t take them lightly. If they win this game, then they play the winner of Nevada and Texas. Both teams are sneaky, and it will be a hard game, but UC’s defense is something they both haven’t seen.

If they get by those teams its likely Tennesse awaits them in the Sweet 16 and if they somehow get past them then its the Elite 8 matchup of epic proportion with UC and UVA. First one to 40 wins.

This helps with the game being at 2 pm on a Friday. UC students are on spring break, and people will take work off for this one.

It’s time. No more excuses. It’s time to make a run.

Lol for the committee for putting one seed Xavier out of the West region to play their first two games out of the tournament in Nashville of course. Go figure.

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