UC & Miami Announce An Extension In The Victory Bell Series, With One Weird Detail

The Cincinnati Bearcats and Miami Redhawks will meet yearly through the 2029 season. Current third graders will be taking the field in 2029 for the Victory Bell. Let that sink in for a second as you realize this outdated rivalry will continue for another decade. Cincinnati has won the last 11 matchups between these two schools dating back to 2006. Miami leads the overall series 59-55 with 7 ties mixed in there.

Cincinnati needs a local rival since Xavier is too poor to field a football team and Ohio State refuses to contest a yearly game. Miami is the next best option but the Bearcats have dominated the series in recent years. Since Cincinnati has put an emphasis on fielding a competitive football team the series has grown stale. Listen we love winning as much as the next guy but beating Miami doesn’t spark interest on a national platform.

At least it’s a rivalry still regardless of how little Miami fans care and how dominant Cincinnati has been. Cincinnati will continue to take over Yager Stadium and Miami will continue to play little brother. We need one trophy to play for after Louisville and Pittsburgh ran off to greener pastures.

One Strange Detail

There will be three games played at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati. Presumably for a “neutral” site game so each side can be properly represented. The teams last played at Paul Brown Stadium in 2014 in front of 41,926 fans that watched the Bearcats win 31-24. A well-attended game that saw Cincinnati bring a ton of students to the game. It could be a great time for a game but we’re skeptical.

Year after year we see college teams play in NFL stadiums and every time they look empty. Pitt and USF permanently play in NFL stadiums and the atmosphere in those stadiums is more reminiscent of an off center court tennis match than a college football game. Cincinnati played their entire 2014 season there and it was more of a drag than anything. You have the Bengals end zones still on the field, their signage throughout the stadium. It’s an additional home game for the Bearcats but it’s still Paul Brown.

Part of me is just triggered by the thought of Paul Brown thanks to Tommy Tuberville. Cincinnati only lost once there but that Toledo game was infuriating. The blow out Memphis was beyond embarrassing. The empty upper deck sucks too, we know our place and that’s 40k fans in Nippert, 65k aren’t showing up for these games at PBS.

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