University Of Cincinnati Is Planning Another New Master Plan

The University of Cincinnati is currently gathering information for a new Master Plan for the university and the uptown neighborhood. Cincinnati is in the final phase of their current Master Plan which transformed the campus from concrete 80’s boredom into a majestic modern campus.

A lot of work went into being named the most beautiful campus in the country. Nearly 20 years of construction have finally resulted in the campus that we know and love today. Now with the final phase of the plan winding down the university is interested in what the next Master Plan could look like.

Under the old Master Plan and the George Hargreaves plan the University transformed. Buildings like Campus Rec Center, Sterger Student Life Center, Edwards Center, Engineering Research Center, DAAP, Linder Center, TUC Expansion, Gettler Stadium, Sheakley Lawn, Nippert Expansion and all of the amazing landscape and public spaces. The university did all of that in roughly 20 years, a huge undertaking and one that has positioned the university to be a contender on a national level.

What Could The Next Plan Look Like?

That’s the 500k question at the moment as the university gathers information. From the project bid proposal the university is requesting firms come up with their idea for the future of the campus/neighborhood. Cincinnati is looking to remain a top urban design campus in the world providing an exceptional environment for students and faculty. There is no real direction that Cincinnati mentions in the proposal, merely that they are looking to see how another firm would direct the Master Plan.

Cincinnati is looking for a pragmatic direction to head in as they approach the completion of the current Master Plan. You can read the full 7 page proposal here, like I said there isn’t a ton of information but proposals are due August 25th when we should know more.

Possible Directions They Could Head

Pure speculation on my part in a direction that the university could be heading deals with two corners of the campus. Sidall and Calhoun are both rapidly becoming outdated, the university could look to replace those halls. Calhoun is slated to undergo a massive renovation soon based on construction proposals the university submitted. The College of Law also on that corner of campus will undergo a complete rebuild soon.

The DAAP corner of campus is particularly interesting to see what the university will do with that. Currently a number of trailers sit where Wilson Hall previously stood and those need to go. Maybe we can accidentally demolish those as well. UC will definitely push for more green space and landscaping. It’d be nice to see Dabney, Daniels and a few others be torn down and replaced.

Overall it’s great the university is being proactive, you need to be constantly staying one step ahead. A new Master Plan will ensure the university is headed in a specific direction for years to come.

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