US Bank Arena Says A Renovation Will Happen Before 2022 NCAA Tournament

Apparently the NCAA tournament bid is contingent on US Bank Arena undergoing a renovation. One thing that isn’t clear would be what exactly renovation means. It’s a relative term, renovation to one person is different to another. Renovating the locker rooms could be all the renovating that they need to do.

Who Is Paying For This?

When USBA first announced plans to renovate the arena two years ago they said it would cost $200M to complete their goal. That’s a pretty lofty amount for an arena that’s only permanent tenant is an ECHL hockey team. The return on investment though would certainly help pay for it considering the acts and events they could hold in the arena.

USBA officials are apparently talking with the City of Cincinnati and Hamilton County. Basically they said “hey we’re going to renovate this dump.” And the city and county responded with “cool cool.” Because there is not a chance in hell either are going to help pay for this thing. Cincinnati could have used the streetcar money on the arena that would have brought in more revenue than the streetcar but doing the logical thing is certainly not the Cincinnati way.

USBA is owned by the Nederlander Group and AEG. Both groups own a list of arenas and venues around the country. Their revenue and even assets should be more than enough to fund this project. Public money should not be needed.

Congrats Columbus

If the tournament bid is really contingent on the arena getting renovated we better get ready for it to not happen. With no clear plan how this is getting paid for the renovation will likely not happen. According to someone the arena met all the NCAA requirements which must have consisted of does it have a roof, seats, floor, 30 lights, and RC Cola.

Since the renovation likely won’t happen they’ll need another arena and I’ll just assume it’ll be in the region somewhere. So congrats Columbus, Nationwide Arena will make a great host.

OhVarsity had a great tweet about this though;

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