Vegas Favors The Bengals vs The Bills on Sunday???

Vegas odds favor the Bengals on Sunday vs. the red hot Buffalo Bills. The Bills are perched on top of the AFC East right now at 3-1 and have had impressive wins against the Denver Broncos and Atlanta Falcons, not bad for first year head coach Sean McDermott. On paper It looks like the Bills Mafia is primed and ready to keep rolling straight through the Jungle against a 1-3 Bengals, so why has Vegas favored the Bengals by 3 points. Have the oddmakers lost their minds? Maybe, but in reality this Bills teams has some chinks in their armor that the Bengals could potentially exploit.

The Bills are essentially the same team as the Bengals. Both teams have elite defenses, but offense is where they both fall short.  According to NFL .com The Bills offense is ranked, “29th in total offensive yards, 23rd in average points per game, and 31st in passing yards.” The Bills only offensive spark this year has been from LeSean McCoy who has had success against almost every team they faced. Their only loss was when The Bills played The Carolina Panthers, where they held McCoy to 9 total yards. The recipe is simple, stop the run game and the Bills are done. With Vontaze Burfict back leading defensive stars like Geno Atkins, William Jackson III, and Nick Vigil, The Bills are going to have a hard time moving the ball on the Bengals home turf.

The Bengals offense needs to show up to win this game, the key for them is to establish the run early with Joe Mixon and Gio Bernard. Both backs have been productive this year, but have yet to face a defense as strong as the Bills. To take down an elite defense you need to establish a run game, keep them guessing for the pass plays, and protect the quarterback. The Bengals showed a lot of promise against the Browns last week and Bill Lazor has found a recipe to get it done on offense, run the ball with Mixon, run short seam routes with the tight end, and putting the ball in AJ Greens hands. Let me emphasize, PUT THE BALL IN AJ’s HANDS FOR GODS SAKE!!

The Bengals have a tough task in front of them, but Vegas oddmakers get paid to be right, if anyone is an expert its them. If the Bengals establish that run game, shut down Shady McCoy, and put the ball in the hands of #18, they are going to just fine on Sunday. Final prediction: Bengals 17 – Bills 10. Who Dey.


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