Vontaze Burfict Ejected For Nothing, All In An Effort To Continue The Narrative (Video)

Vontaze Burfict was ejected from Sunday’s game against the Tennessee Titans for contact with a referee. Obviously, you never want to make contact with a ref. That’s bad, it sounds bad, it looks bad and people are usually on the side of the ref.

Except for this time.

Vontaze merely pushed the refs arm off him in an attempt to leave the situation. The referee initiated the contact with Vontaze. He put his arm on #55 for no reason other than to place his arm there. Vontaze merely lifted the guy’s arm in an effort to leave. Nothing malicious with that.

The ref, however, acted like Vontaze just murdered his family. The aggressiveness he reached for that flag and through it with shows, there was a motive. He knew what he was doing. The ref knows Vontaze’s history and he took full advantage of that. Using his past to justify an ejection that by no means was an ejection.

This sort of thing happens EVERY SINGLE WEEK in the NFL. Players every week will move a refs hand out of the way or walk through a refs arm. For some reason, this week with Vontaze was the week a ref decided to call it. Surely there was no motive behind the refs action, right? He was just doing his job. That’s the NFL’s response and it’s bullshit.

When it comes to Vontaze and the National Media he is a villain. The worst of the worst. The biggest egregore of dirty play in the NFL. The poster child for what not to do in the NFL. No not Mike Mitchell, Vontaze Burfict is the bad guy. Any chance the national media can get to trash Vontaze they do. This week was no different.

Trash bag of takes Jason La Confora chimed in;

Vontaze did nothing wrong. He should not have been ejected. If the Bengals don’t ask for an explanation/apology they’re more flawed than we thought. Vontaze has done dumb shit, this wasn’t one of those times.

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