Week 1 Cheap Shots Highlights Courtesy Of The Pittsburgh Steelers


The Pittsburgh Steelers are the dirtiest team in the NFL, facts. Steelers Nation, those Yinzers, and Roger Goodell think that they are the saints of the league. “The Rooney family is just too classy to run a bad organization.” You hear that nonsense every season like Art Rooney was the Pope or something.

The first game of the season. Week 1 at Cleveland against the Browns. Give the Browns some credit for not retaliating because they were continuously getting cheap shotted by the Steelers.

Here are some highlights of dirty hits:

Ryan Shazier was back to his dirty ways. He speared Bengals running back Gio Bernard in the 2016 Wild Card Playoff game that knocked him out of the game and in this play he pretty did the same to Browns rookie starting quarterback DeShone Kizer.

This should easily be a suspension and fine but he won’t get any of that. If Vontaze did that, 8 game suspension. The same way the NFL needs to keep up the narrative that Vontaze is a bad guy, they have to keep it up that the Steelers are a wholesome team with class and values.

Please defend this, Steelers Nation

TJ Watt fits right perfectly into the Steelers culture of spearing. This should be a nice fine but he won’t get it because he plays for the Steelers. And his brother is the darling of the NFL, he’s the Beyonce of the NFL.

Big Ben likes to play dirty, obviously. Vontaze Burfict did that exact same thing and got a hit with a heavy fine but the NFL loves them some BIGGGGGGGGGGG Ben so they have to protect their boy.

Idiot lays a dirty hit but in the process hurts himself. Karma.

Everyone hates the Steelers and today is nothing new of this team.

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  1. Please continue to post these. The Bengals will suck this year, so we can devote more time and energy in shining a light on the Steelers and NFL’s special relationship.

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