Will Jeff Fisher Be The Next Coach Of The Cincinnati Bengals?

If Marvin Lewis is fired after another Bengals disappointing season (he won’t be) who could his replacement be?

Mike Brown is known to have something for the older coaches in the league. He loves living in mediocrity with no hope of ever really achieving anything, thus not having to pay top dollar for a lot of guys. The Bengals have the most cap room for a reason, they’re cheap.

You know who else is cheap? The next Cincinnati Bengals Head Coach, Jeff Fisher.

Yes, you read that correctly. Jeff Fisher will undoubtedly be the next head coach of the Bengals. Fisher is a football guy, he needs to be on the sidelines. He’s already assembling a staff waiting for a team to call. Jeff and his boys are currently sitting in his Montana home waiting for that red landline phone to ring. At that point they know, boys, we’re back. They rush out of the house and jump in a 2001 Chevy Suburban and motor all the way to Cincinnati.

Fisher shows up in Cincinnati hot off a 20-hour road trip with his staff. They picked up John Fox along the way after he got fired from Chicago. Not because he possesses any real skill set but merely because he’s cheap and also a football guy.

Upon arrival in the Queen City Fischer is met with zero fanfare outside the stadium. Only one TV station showed up, WLWT, to cover his arrival. Mike Brown is waiting in the doorway of the nonheated entryway to great Fisher. He’s handed one Nike Official Bengals pullover that should last him the whole season.

At his first presser Fisher says he has big plans for the Bengals and the start at developing Andy Dalton. Because a 30-year old NFL QB needs to be developed. He talks a big game, says he’s more committed than ever and thanks Marvin for everything he has built in Cincinnati.

Game 1 rolls around and the Bengals are blown out 34-3 by the Colts and we’re off and running for a 7-9 to 9-7 season depending on the weather.

The Bengals then draft a QB in the offseason that Fisher will develop. He talks Mike into trading Dalton for a 6th round pick and assures everyone he found the next Jared Goff. Who he always reminds us, he helped to develop.

And that is how Mike Brown makes the Bengals and even worse NFL team.

Welcome, Jeff Fisher.

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