There Will Be No Video Board For FC Cincinnati v. New York Red Bulls Apparently

FC Cincinnati has the biggest game in the two year history of their club next week inside The University of Cincinnati’s Nippert Stadium. There will be something missing from that Final Four game against the New York Red Bulls.

A video board.

The University of Cincinnati removed the old video board to install a new HD video board in time for Bearcats football season. Because putting up 100 foot wide video boards isn’t like hanging a 50″ TV on your wall at home this takes some time. So much time in fact that it won’t be ready in time for the US Open Cup game next week.

The University of Cincinnati paid for this video board in partner with the Linder Family. This has been a point of confusion for some FCC fans on the internet. Carl Linder III owns FC Cincinnati, the Linder Family does not. This video board has been in the works since the Nippert expansion happened, before FCC was even a thing. The point here, this wasn’t paid for by soccer, it was paid by the university and boosters. Hence why it needs to be installed before football season.

With that video board down it means there will be no video for the FC game next week. Nippert is home to one board and right now it’s some great looking American, probably American, metal. Great looking metal, made right here in the United States, the best metal. Look at that metal. Alright, Donald.

The ribbon boards are going to be the only clock and scoreboard on the field next. Definitely going to be a strange way to witness a game. Considering this is a big game maybe we can speculate there will be a video board brought in like a concert. Just speculation though.

Ps. LOL @ “Biggest game in Nippert this year” ok Twitter

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