Xavier Students, Coach And JP Are Taking The Fun Out Of Crosstown Shootout


The 85th edition of the Crosstown Shootout between the Cincinnati Bearcats and Xavier Musketeers had a little bit of everything.

Xavier took this one to the Bearcats, 89-76. Whatever.

This rivalry has been testy to say the least. The brawl in 2011 was the low point of the rivalry started by Xavier because of course. We thugs and gangsters.

Fans from both sides love to trash talk and I love it but if you go low like how some Xavier students did.

Like was said in the beginning of the tweet, Mick Cronin’s mom died of cancer in 2005. Like how messed up is that? They are literally trying too hard and when they do its sick and not funny at all. Way to go, Norwood.

Xavier 20th year JP Macura took a whole another level when he started jabbing not at UC players but at Mick. Saying some very foul stuff like F you and suck you know whatever. And I love how Xavier head coach Chris Mack stepped into the presser after the game and basically saying the narrative is not JP vs Mick, yes it is because it’s literally happened after the game. He has no control of his players and I can’t wait until later part of the season when its going to cost them a big game.

One coach has a control of his team. He is right but then Mack took that as a jab on his player. When Mick picked up the T late in the first half it was because big balls JP said to him and he was trying to tell the officials that but you know Big East refs are for Xavier. Looking back, I don’t blame Mick for getting that tech because he had enough of his childish acts.

HOW IS THAT DISRESPECTFUL? You big dummy! He just said he won’t have any player talking like that to a opossing coach on his team, period and yes he was so in line for calling JP out. Bascially Mack pretty much stated that he’s cool with what JP said to Mick. Nice, no control of his players.

Ok? Why didn’t you bring that up in the presser after that game? You waited 8 years to reveal to all. Shut up.

Xavier is taking the fun out of this rivalry, plain and simple and today was pretty much the reason why.

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