Xavier Students Took It Too Far This Year

Xavier did it. They finally made this rivalry un-fun. This isn’t fun anymore, making fun of someone, anyone’s deceased mother is about the lowest, most pathetic thing one can do. To use the death of a mother in a basketball rivalry is one of the most disgusting things someone could do. Thinking this is funny or creative shows just how much of a privileged bubble these kids live in without any sort of discipline or morals.

For backstory, Mick’s mother passed away from bone cancer in 2005. That’s where the dog whistle reference comes from. An absolutely abhorrent attempt at humor, you can’t even call it that. Just a disgusting sign that has no business in this rivalry. Making fun of Mick is fine, call him a leprechaun, no one has ever said that. Don’t bring family into a rivalry that is about basketball and two schools.

Xavier students are those kids in high school that didn’t know when to stop. You’d all be sitting around giving each other shit and that one kid would always go “AT LEAST MY MOM DOESN’T HAVE CANCER” and laugh while everyone looks at him like what the fuck dude. That’s what Norwood is. A school of 7k students who lack creativity in every inch of their body. They live in this sheltered bubble where everything they do is great. It’s not, you go to a boring ass school that oppresses your ability to express yourself. Cincinnati meanwhile encourages everyone to be themselves, don’t conform to a stereotype, be creative. If Xavier encouraged that freedom this stuff wouldn’t happen. Instead, they do shit like this.

This is taking it too far. It’s not fun anymore. There needs to be something done about this. We could make a lot of jokes about Xavier covering up sexual assault, but we don’t. You know where the line is.

Father Graham needs to step up and condemn these actions. You didn’t want to admit fault for the fight, you don’t take a hard stance on anything. How about you change that and have a little decency here.

Cats by 90. Fuck these people.

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