Yes FC Cincinnati Outdrew The Reds By A Hundred Fans But It Needs Context

Wednesday night the Reds and FC Cincinnati went head to head and for the first time the soccer team outdrew the Reds. When we say outdrew they had 144 more fans at their game. Nothing exceptional but hey they outdrew the Reds so congrats on that. The problem is the numbers lack context.

FC Cincinnati played in their second home game of the season Wednesday night. They were riding big momentum after a 4-0 win Saturday as well. FC also benefits from the football style of a schedule too. NFL games sell out because fans get 8 chances to see their team play a year. Soccer fans get 16 chances to see their team play at home. Meanwhile baseball has 81 games at home.

Simple economics here shows you what supply and demand is. Soccer season is shorter, tickets are cheap, the supply is shorter than baseball and thus the demand is higher. Baseball meanwhile gives you 81 opportunities to see a game, supply is plentiful so the demand goes down. They missed the Reds game on Wednesday but there’s always Thursday or next week.

Ticket Prices

The most expensive FCC ticket is $30 while the cheapest is $10 for general admission. Really reasonable prices especially for a family when the family section is only $12. Going to an FCC game doesn’t break the bank which is why they have a lot of season ticket holders as well. One thing the front has done is create an affordable product for fans. It’s not a shock FCC is widely popular.

Meanwhile the Reds have the 5th highest ticket price in baseball. If you want to sit lower bowl where the blog sits it’s $54 a ticket. That’s insanity. The cheapest ticket is $14 and that’s in the upper 400’s. Outfield and moon deck are $30 apiece and you’re far from the action. Taking a family to a Reds game and get the same closeness as an FC game is going to get you back $216 for a family of 4. It’s no shock the Reds have only 15k in the ballpark when the front office has literally priced out the average fan.

Sidenote, if you pay face value for Reds tickets you’re a fool. Seat geek tickets, it’s a million times cheaper. Just for the sake of the blog you have to compare prices from the two teams sites.

Not A Shock

None of this is really a shock. FCC has a lot of momentum right now. Everyone wants to check out the new team in the city. Some of those people are also in the stadium to show MLS that the team has actual fans unlike that yellow and black club 90 minutes up 71.

The Reds are actually good this year but the casual fan doesn’t know that. The local and national media wrote this team off before spring training and now casual fans believed that. Without casual fans you end up with 15k at the ballpark. Listen I’d love to see more people at the park but it’s just not a reality in 2017, especially with those ticket prices.

FCC gets it, they cater to the fans. The Reds are missing out right now. They could do more at the ballpark with theme nights or amenities. FC has catered to college kids, families and young professionals. The Reds have catered to our parents and middle aged individuals with disposable income. You’re going to get the most bang for your buck and banging drums, lighting smoke bombs and singing songs is way more fun than watching a baseball game with Phillip who owns a Lock and Safe company telling you about his kids during a 3-1 count.

It’s impressive a second tier soccer team drew 15k on a weeknight. Tip of the hat to them but you have to understand the schedule and the pricing of the tickets too.

Ps. Feel like that was a pretty positive FCC blog.

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