You Have To Spend A Night In The Infield Of A NASCAR Race

Saturday night the fine people at Kentucky Speedway were kind enough to give the blog some press passes. Unfortunately those passes were only “cold” passes and didn’t let us get on pit lane so instead of watching the race from the stuffy media center like big J journalists we decided to be a common man and watch it the only a red blooded American should.

In the infield.

Backstory we had a hook up in the infield that had one of those really expensive and massive RVs. So we headed over there to check it out and honestly. Everyone needs to experience this at least once in their life. Upon walking into the camping lot we were immediately met with two over weight middle aged men with fantastic southern accents fighting. “I’m about to fuck his ass up” one man drunkenly yelled while we laughed and kept walking. That could be taken two different ways but you know southerners aren’t down with sodomy.

Infields are also home to some of the most ingenious engineering in the world. Scaffolding built 30 feet high is relatively unstable unless anchored to something. Their solution? Ratchet strap each side to their trucks in case it got windy. Can’t fault that logic. No way it’ll move in the other two directions. Wood structures erected for the weekend that would in no way pass building codes and the always favorite school buses with platforms on the roof.

That’s where we were. Our friend was buddies with the guy on this bus and he invited us to come up. Shoutout to those guys for letting us spend 200 laps up there taking pictures and drinking their beer. There we were, snapping pics and taking videos with a rebel flag flying above our heads. What a weird time to be alive.

Speaking of rebel flags I counted no less than 30 in the infield. NASCAR is very much a sport full of fans left in the past. Also the present because there were at least 10 Trump “Make America Great Again” flags. So stuck in the past still applies.

The infield is one giant party though, everyone on the roofs of their motorhomes watching the race, drinking beer and bullshitting. On the ground people have TVs set up with the race, intense corn hole games happening and god knows what else. If you’re a guy you’re probably wondering what the female situation is like. There is one, but you’ll want most to stay about 40 yards away. That’s where they look the best. Same probably applies for most of the dudes too.

Kentucky Speedway may not provide the best racing if you’re a race fan but it certainly doesn’t stop people from having a damn good time. Next July if you’re looking for something to do, rent and RV and head down to the track. Bring about 15 cases of beer and have a good time. Or bring no beer and meet someone as awesome as we did who let us drink and eat for free. You might even catch a wreck right in front of you too.

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