Zach Cozart Is Getting A Donkey & Starting The All Star Game

Zach Cozart will start at shortstop for the NL side in the 2017 MLB All-Star game at the Loria Dome. That’s a great accomplishment and something to put on the wiki page but something bigger is happening because of this selection. Zach Cozart is getting a pet and not a cute husky or an adorable floppy eared rabbit. Nope.

Zach Cozart is getting a donkey.

Joey Votto promised Cozart that if he got selected as a starter for the All-Star game the MVP first baseman would buy him a donkey. Why would Cozart want a donkey? According to Cozart himself he just likes donkeys. During spring training their is a donkey farm close to their facility and he apparently visits them on the regular.

The donkey has been spoken for. Zach Cozart is a first time donkey owner and honestly we all need to congratulate him on that. Saying an ass from a lifetime of hauling some fat ass out of the Grand Canyon. Now he’ll be living in the luxury of the Cozart family home.

For however long Cozart is in Cincinnati he’ll always be a beloved fan favorite. A guy who has finally come into his own and showed the potential we all had for him years ago. Now he has a donkey thanks to maybe the only more beloved Red.

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